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Welcome to KNo More Junk, your premier junk removal and dump trailer rental service. As a leading company in our industry, we specialize in providing convenient and hassle-free trailer rentals that cater to your disposal needs. From decluttering your space to managing construction debris, our rental trailers are designed to handle all kinds of waste. Furthermore, if you have accumulated waste ready for disposal, take advantage of our streamlined junk removal service. Our experienced team is equipped to collect, load, and dispose of your waste efficiently, ensuring you a clean, junk-free environment. Don't let the clutter stress you or impact your productivity. Choose KNo More Junk for a comprehensive solution to all your waste management needs. Whether it's residential junk removal or commercial waste management, we have got you covered. Reach out to us today and experience the transformative impact of a junk-free environment.

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Trailer Rental

Day Rate: $95

Junk Removal Service

Service Rate: $450

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Additional Charges

Mattress: $40

Sofa: $40

Recliner: $40

Box Spring: $40

Small Tires: $8

15-30 inch Tires: $20

30-40 inch Tires: $50

40-48 inch Tires: $80

Larger than 48 inch Tires: Rates Vary


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